Why Go Abroad?

Whether it is an exchange program, conference, summer or winter program or any other opportunity abroad, you should definitely apply for it. Here's why having an international experience is so important for you:

  • You will be more independent and confident than your peers back home!
  • You will get to meet new people from all over the world and have an international network of friends.
  • You can take courses in a wide range of areas and improve your foreign language skills as well.
  • Your CV will be impressive! It will show proof of your flexibility and adaptability from living and studying abroad.
  • It would boost to your employability. You will stand out from the crowd at a job interview.
  • You will get exciting travel opportunities!
  • It counts towards your degree - it's not a gap semester! If you take necessary steps then the courses you take on exchange are easily transferred back to your home university.
  • It is a unique and challenging experience you will remember forever.