Our Vision

In the international academic community, we do recognize that in the past Pakistan's name evoked skepticism. However, now it is also fact that one million students from diverse backgrounds and vibrant cultures from all parts of the country do go to their universities, attend classes and carry out other academic activities systematically.

We at IBA are proud that the classes are held regularly on time, examinations take place on schedule and degrees are awarded on the due dates. Teachers are diligently engaged in research and case studies, travel all over the world to present their findings and publish them in international journals of repute. In other words, life goes on as usual despite some unfortunate incidents.

It has been our endeavor to ensure their personal safety and security while they are here. Therefore, while we have to be careful and vigilant, the situation in academic world is not as bleak as it appears from outside particularly through the lens of the media.

Establishment of the International Resource Centre (IRC) at IBA in collaboration with the British Council is a modest attempt to coordinate all our diverse connections at one place. I hope that this initiative will promote student and faculty exchange between IBA and other academic institutions all over the world. The IRC will become a focal point of contact between IBA and the International Community.