'Study-UK Week' at IBA by the British Council

Opportunity to Volunteer! 

Dear students,  

Greetings from International Office! 

We are super excited to introduce this fantastic opportunity for students who wish to enhance their resume with professional, hands-on experience. The British Council is planning to organize “Study-UK Week” at IBA in which students will have an exclusive opportunity to learn about the culture, students’ lifestyle and what leading universities have to offer in the UK!

The week will be celebrated across Pakistan at multiple host campuses, and the British Council, as a valued partner, has invited the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi to host the Study UK Week in Karachi. 

For this purpose, the British Council is looking for five (5) IBA students to serve as event ambassadors. The role as ambassadors for the Study UK programme will not only be a great learning experience and an opportunity to represent a global brand, but will also add immense value to the profile of students for international higher education opportunities. Ambassadors will receive a recognition certificate upon completion of the activity. 

All activities will be designed by the British Council to ensure ease of execution for the volunteers. Interested students are requested to register by tomorrow afternoon ( i.e. November 12, 2021 – 02:00 PM ). 

The week has been scheduled from Monday, November 15 till Friday, November 19

Registration link:

Roles and responsibilities of Student Ambassadors:

•To Display Study UK Week branding (posters plus standee) at IBA on prominent notice boards and take photographs of placement.
(Please collect the branding material from IRC office)
•To announce Study UK Week on the campus social media pages/WhatsApp groups etc.
•Research and have basic knowledge about higher education in UK and participating universities – Supported by campus counselor
•To generate buzz and positive word of mouth on campus for the Study UK Week.
•To schedule video screening sessions with input from campus management and share the schedule with the British Council point of contact
•Ensure arrangements of space, equipment (speakers, multimedia etc.) and audience presence for all sessions
•Displaying of British Council photography notice during the video screening session
•To display COVID signage at the campus and especially during the video screening session

•To conduct sessions and document as per instructions
•To share regular updates with British Council point of contact and their campus lead
•All student ambassadors to comply: Ensure compliance with British Council policies and signing of British Council consent forms

With your cooperation, we look forward to making this event a success
Thank you.