Student exchange opportunities for MBA students for Spring Semester 2023

Student exchange opportunities for MBA students for Spring Semester 2023 are announced!

Important points for interested students:  

  • Must have completed at least two regular semesters with a minimum CGPA of 3.00.
  • Make sure to determine the finances before applying.
  • Selected students are expected to bear IBA semester fee and all the other expenses including accommodation, airfare, visa and travel insurance expenses, local commutation, books, and stationery, etc. during the exchange period.
  • It is mandatory for students who want to travel abroad to have medical insurance.
  • Must have valid passport (at least 2 years valid)

Interested students are requested to upload their updated CV along with completing the online form for Semester exchange opportunity for MBA students for spring 2023 at the following link: (Exchange Opportunity Module).Please note that you will have to login with your ERP ID to complete the application.

A brief description of each concerned university is given below for your reference.

In case of any query, please feel to contact us at

  • Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey)

    Bilkent University was founded on October 20, 1984 through the joint resolution of İhsan Doğramacı Education Foundation, İhsan Doğramacı Science and Research Foundation and İhsan Doğramacı Health Foundation. The establishment of this private university was later approved by an act of Parliament. The aim was to create a center of excellence in higher education and research. The name “Bilkent” exemplifies the founder’s aim, since it is an acronym of “bilim kenti” in Turkish for “city of science and knowledge.”

    Currently there are about 13,000 students in 9 faculties and 2 four-year professional schools. Among them are foreign students from different countries. With funds from the endowments provided by the founder, the university each year awards scholarships to 47% of the student body.

    To promote the enrichment of teaching and research programs, Bilkent University entered into collaborative projects and exchange programs with many universities abroad. Bilkent has student exchange agreements with universities from countries such as Australia, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America.

    Bilkent University ranks in Times Higher Education’s 100 Under 50 list of the world’s best young universities.

    IBA students from MBA Program are eligible to apply for exchange program to Bilkent University.