SILC Online Summer School 2022

Dear students, 

We are delighted to announce that the 2022 SILC Online Summer School is now open for applications. The aim of the SILC Online Summer School series is to provide overseas students with first-hand experience of doing business in China. The topic of 2022 SILC Online Summer School is "Business Innovations and Opportunities in China". The Summer School intends to offer students insights on how to successfully commercialize innovations in China through a combination of online lectures, case studies, workshops with entrepreneurs, virtual visits to companies, group work with other students, etc. This interactive delivery approach will ensure students a good understanding of entrepreneurial efforts currently happening in China and participating in real entrepreneurial activities under the guidance of our lecturers. Elective courses on Chinese market landscape and Chinese culture are also provided to help students understand how business run in China in a more comprehensive way. 

June 27th – July 8th, 2022 

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Application deadline:
June 6th, 2022 

Applications received after this date will only be considered if places are still available. 
Program Attractions: 

-Diversified online teaching approaches
All the courses will be conducted through live streaming, and students will interact with the professors in real time through the Zoom platform. Students will learn business theories and cases through our carefully-designed sessions. In addition, students will have face-to-face communication with the professors and entrepreneurs through live streaming. 
-One-to-one buddy scheme
Each visiting student will be introduced to a Chinese student of SILC, who acts as your “buddy”. Your buddy will help to enhance your learning experience and providing support whenever you may need it. 

-Practical experience of Doing Business in China (Core Module)
In the course, students will discover the challenges that Chinese companies are currently facing, and search for solutions. You will get inspiration for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas from blending Chinese and other cultures. You will observe the whole process of modernization and commercialization of the intangible cultural heritage products, which help you understand the keys to innovation and entrepreneurship. At the end of the course, you will present the group’s business plan, which may develop further into a business solution for Chinese companies, or the group's project may become a real company in the future. 

-Chinese Business Landscape (Elective Module)
In order to help students to study the core module better, an elective module is designed to provide more background information of Chinese market and economy. The elective module consists of 9 business lectures, aiming to help international students to understand Chinese economy from perspectives of macroeconomic development, consumer behaviors, media, human resource, finance, etc. Emphasis of the elective module is to understand the logic behind the rapid growth of Chinese economy and the implications of Chinese economic reform on the global economy. 

On completion of SILC Online Summer School, students will be awarded a Summer School Certificate from SILC, Shanghai University. Outstanding students will be selected and awarded the Outstanding Students Certificate according to their performance. In addition, students who get the Outstanding Students Certificate will have the opportunity to participate in SILC international business competitions team coached by professional teachers and winners will have the chance to participate in international competitions as a SILC representative. 

Program Fee: 

Core module:
USD 200 

Elective module:
USD 200 

Application fee:
USD 50 
For more information, please see the attached 2022 SILC Online Summer School 

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