Services Offered by IRC

Students Services – Recruitment & Marketing
Academic Linkages
Research Collaboration & Commercialization


IBA has expanded its playing field by offering opportunities to scholars worldwide to take advantage of the IBA experience.

International Resource Center is focusing on introducing IBA across national borders and establish mutually beneficial relationships with world universities to form affiliations in the area of student & faculty exchanges, research work and entrepreneurship. Our young, qualified professionals leading the Academic Linkages Department, the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) and the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) have teamed up to facilitate international customers and ensure a productive and durable relationship.

Services Offered by the IRC:

1. Recruitment and Marketing
Module Lead: Mr. Ishfaque Lashari

International students are provided requisite support and services through trained staff at IBA's Career Development Center (CDC). Students can seek guidance about IBA's academic programs, facilities, credit systems, transfer policies, accommodation alternatives, scholarships, fee structures and related matters.

2. Academic Linkages
Module Lead: Ms. Shehreena Dawoodani

The Academic Linkages activity focuses on identifying and facilitating affiliations with international universities and institutes. Our list of collaborative relationships is continuously expanding and includes renowned institutions like the Indian School of Business, University of Malaya, University of Maryland, University of KOC Turkey, to name a few. Students & faculty exchange programs, joint or split degree programs, transnational educational options, joint avenues of research, PhD supervision possibilities, form the scope of this service.

3. Research Collaboration and Commercialization
Module Lead: Dr. Huma Amir

IRC's Research Collaboration and Commercialization Unit provides students and faculty with an exciting opportunity to work on international research projects. Highly qualified and experienced Research Fellows working at our Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) coordinate and facilitate with international research scholars. By submitting research proposals to the IRC office, international research scholars will be guided in establishing collaborations with local researchers with similar interests.

4. Communication & Public Affairs
Module Lead: Dr. Erum Hafeez

Communication & Public Affairs coordinates with other IRC services for content development, designing and publishing of IRC information material according to IBA brand strategy. It publicizes and markets IBA IRC's programs and initiatives to both national and international audiences. It is the information generation hub for all IRC activities.