Credits Transfer Process
Students going for the Exchange Programs should send in their course outlines for the courses they are aiming to study at the host university, along with the IBA equivalent course details with the nominated focal person from each School.

An email with following details must be sent to IRC Team:
1. Course name
2. Equivalent course at IBA
3. Course outline
4. Transcript
5. Chairperson

The compiled list of courses along with the details will be forwarded to the relevant focal person of each school and then students will be informed to follow up with the focal person from each school. The focal person from each school would get the approval of the credit transfers from the Chairperson of the relevant courses/department.

In many cases, Pre-approvals are possible – however, many partner universities change their courses once the students reach there. Therefore, they should be asked to send in the course outlines within 2 weeks of them reaching there to streamline the process. 

The respective Focal Person from each school will follow up with the student for transferring the credit hours on the transcript and responsible for ensuring that students apply on the SFS to get credits transferred on their transcript. Once it is done, the focal person will update the status of approved courses along with checking the grades criteria and the transcript from the host university on SFS and also follow up with the Examinations Department for transferring the credit hours. Students need to constantly keep in touch with the focal person to get the credit hours transferred.

Visa Letters
The IRC team issues Visa Letters to students who are accepted into international programmes. IRC Team reviews each candidate's application, including programme details, itinerary, programme authenticity, and travel stops. The Visa Letter is issued, once the application has met all of the basic requirements.

NOC Letters
Once the International Office receives confirmation that a student is travelling with the USEFP Global Ugrad Program, each candidate's application is reviewed in terms of programme validity and enrolment details, and the NOC Certificate is issued to the student.

English Proficiency Letter
To verify that the medium of instruction of IBA students applying abroad for post graduade programs is English, we issue the English proficiency Letters. Students are required to provide details of the Program applied for, University applied for, city of the university and country of the university.

This facilitation is available for both, the current enrolled students and alumni.

Semester Exchange Program/Summer School Application
IRC team assists the student with their semester exchange program and summer school application processes. The students who are applying for international Summer Schools are required to follow the procedure communicated with the students through the announcement.

Welfare Funding Facilitation
Students who require financial assistance may apply for Welfare Funding on SFS portal. The IRC team & Financial assistance committee verifies the legitimacy of applicants seeking financial aid and awards limited funds to deserving students.

CFA Scholarships
As the valued partner of CFA Institute, IBA-IRC awards the CFA Scholarships to deserving students after their applications has been verified by the CFA Assistance Committee. CFA Scholarships are announced quarterly each year.

Team IRC advises students on a variety of issues that they may encounter during their academic careers. These services may include counselling regarding further education, higher education and career advisory.

Personal Statement Review
A Statement of Purpose (SOP), also known as a research statement or a letter of intent, is written to the admission panel and talks about the career path, interests, professional contributions, goals and the driving force behind pursuing a particular program. This service has also been provided by IRC.

Visiting Programs

Graduate and Post Graduate Admissions and Scholarship

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