Pre-Departure and Post-Return

Pre-Departure Guidelines

Your pre-departure phase is very important and IRC is there to help you facilitate during that phase as much as it can.

Health Insurance:

All outgoing students should have a health insurance (if required) to cover the related expenses while on abroad. Student should get health insurance, for example, in the form of travel insurance before leaving the country or to obey the related regulations of the host institution. Related expenses should be undertaken by the student.

Visa Application:

Once students get their program acceptance letters and decide to pursue it, they should immediately apply for visa. Students need to check required document list from the website of appropriate consulate/embassy. It is highly recommended to apply for the visa as earliest as possible since depending on the country, the visa process may take from 1 to 4 months.


Many exchange universities provide dormitory accommodation on campus, however, where there is a high demand for this accommodation; you can expect to live in share housing with other students. IRC cannot help you find accommodation. For this, you will need to contact your host institution or make arrangements on your own.

Travel Arrangements:

It is highly recommended to start travel planning as soon as early as possible and buy flight tickets once you receive acceptance letters from the partner university.

Post-Return Guidelines

Once you are back from your study trip abroad, you will need to follow the below guidelines to make your transition back at IBA as smooth as possible.

Confirmation of Study and Passport Copies:

If you receive financial support from IBA for the program, you are required to submit a copy of your boarding pass along with the copy of the passport pages that show your entry and exit for the trip. These two documents prove that you used the financial support provided to you by IBA for the purpose you stated in your application.


You are also required to submit us your transcript of studies or certificate of completion of the program that you attended abroad.

Submission of Testimonial and Student Report:

Your comments about your semester abroad experience are invaluable to your fellow students and to the IRC as well. Upon your return to IBA, you will be required to submit a short testimonial on your experiences from the program you attended abroad. You will also be required to submit a detailed report about every aspect of your trip which will be outlined for your convenience. These reports will assist future students applying to participate in similar programs.

Counselling for Reverse Culture Shock:

IRC also provides counselling for reverse culture shock. This kind of shock is not some students expect to experience when they return back home. But we understand that it is only natural to feel a little out of place when you are back as things may not be the same when you return. Hence, students are welcome to come for counselling at the IRC if they are going through a re-entry culture shock.