One-to-one Meeting and Counseling Sessions for International Exposure

It is always a pleasure for us to facilitate you in preparing for your future leadership positions. In the recent past, international exposure has become a significant component of the student life at IBA. Although the pandemic brought some set-backs for international mobility, there are still many opportunities that each student can benefit with.

Some students mange the complete application and search process on their own, but some require assistance and guidance at different steps. Sometimes an email or phone inquiry satisfies a person, whereas in other instances, students feel comfortable in discussingtheir concerns in a one-to-one meeting.

In this context, we feel the need to assist you efficiently by organizing the counseling days and timings forthe two campuses.

If you need assistance with aspects including but not limited to following, please feel free to contact the IRC office. We would be happy to be of your assistance.

  • Application Package Preparation
  • Application to Graduate or Post-Graduate Programs
  • International Competitions and Conferences
  • Credits Transfer Requests
  • Exchange Programs, visiting programs, summer programs and visits
  • Scholarships for further studies and financial assistance for participation in international events

  • To ensure that you can have dedicated time for your discussion, please register at the following link for a convenient date and time. This week, I shall be available in the morning at Main Campus.

    Link to sign-up for One-to-One Session (with name and ERP):

    If you are unable to fix a slot for yourself, then you can drop by our office during the counseling hours. If the student who has registered for a slot leaves early or doesn't show up, then we can have discussion with unscheduled candidates too.

    We hope that more and more students benefit from our services. Please let us in case of any concern.