EFP Breakthrough Challenge 2021 - Employers’ Federation of Pakistan

Dear students, 

Greetings from International Office! 

We are pleased to announce the launch of “EFP Breakthrough Challenge 2021”, organized by the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan. It is a one-day corporate case study competition where four leading companies will provide case studies based on Banking, Manufacturing, Power and Information Technology sectors to final-year business students

The case studies by nature will be of strategic growth where students will be given a brief about the sector, challenges faced in recent years, and how the company handled the crisis. This information will provide a reference ground for students to conduct thorough research and critical analysis over the questions asked and to provide answers. The case studies will be handed over to the students ten (10) days before the competition over a briefing session. Each participating team will have four or five final-year undergraduate business students who will then present their answers on the event day. The evaluation will be done by the company representatives, all details and guidelines will be provided by them in the mentioned briefing session. 

If you’re interested in participating in this contest, please register by tomorrow afternoon (i.e. Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 1:00 PM). 

Registration link:

The competition is scheduled for December 4, 2021

Employers’ Federation of Pakistan is the oldest employers’ body that is leading the private sector is playing a pivotal role in issues of industrial relations, human resources, occupational safety and health, compliance of international labor and environmental standards, social and economic policy, to assist organizations to achieve sustainable development and contribute to economic and industrial growth. Over the past seventy years, EFP has rightly earned the title of Apex Body of manufacturers of Pakistan.

As the only constituent of the International Labor Organization and member of the International Organization of Employers in Pakistan, one very crucial element of EFP’s mandate is to facilitate the linkages between Academia and the Corporate sector.