Digital Inclusion Challenge 2020

Dear Students

Introduction: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak it had an unprecedented impact globally, and the Education industry had to adopt a new paradigm to take the things in flow which not only flourished some of the businesses but also resolved many technicalities which we weren't able to thought about in our current life. The pandemic has highlighted the merits for a future of blended learning alongside new technologies but has also exacerbated the societal digital divide and mental health concerns.

This competition will be comprised of four major challenges that we faced in year 2020:
1. Mental Health,
2. Digital Wellness,
3. Equity
4. Diversity Issues.

How to take part in this challenge:
Students are advised to make teams of 2-6 students which must submit a Registration application on this link: . Before the start of the Challenge, there will be a series of presentations led by industry experts in their respective fields. These presentations will discuss some of the opportunities and challenges faced by the education sector and others businesses around the world. The presentations are intended to provide background knowledge for participants, as well as stimulate ideas and discussions for them during the Challenge.

Session details:
- Idea Development: It is an open-ended challenge in terms of diverse ideas category and problems to be addressed.
- Idea Submission days: 10 days Approx.
- Registration Deadline: 5PM (EST) 9th October 2020
- Winning Team Prize: CAD $22,000
- Registration Link:

The Challenge, this year will be fully virtual and is open to all High School, College & University students globally. This event is completely free, and they encourage teams from a broad range of backgrounds globally to participate, especially those groups currently under-represented, so that they can capture a diversity of perspectives in the solutions that emerge.

For any further information, you can go through this link: