A day at IBA


A typical day at the IBA kicks off early in the morning when classes commence at 8:30AM. Each student has a unique schedule, which they have the liberty to set at the beginning of the semester, during enrollment week. Classes take place at both campuses from early morning to late evening. Students who need to commute between both campuses are provided with a complimentary facility of a shuttle service, which operates multiple times a day. 

What do students do between classes?

Both the campuses have state-of-the-art infrastructure which enables students to comfortably pass their time between classes. There are multiple cafeteria facilities, along with coffee-shops, where students can grab a quick snack or have their breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The campuses have libraries, computer labs, gymnasiums and indoor games areas. The Student Center at the main campus is the most popular location among the student body, where students head to eat, relax and work on projects during their free time. Students also engage in various activities happening across the campuses, which include but are not limited to co-curricular and extracurricular activities, along with interactive sessions and seminars starring professionals from various industries, academic institutions and government organizations.

What societies and/or sports facilities would I find at the IBA?

There are ~30 student societies/clubs at the IBA, which address all sorts of interests of students: from the Astronomy Club to the Feminist Society to Islamic Finance Society- IBA has got it all!

Sporting facilities include a football pitch, a cricket ground, a tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, cycling services. Indoor sporting facilities include badminton court, table tennis areas and pool tables.

What to expect in a class?

A typical IBA class can be rigorous and has announced and surprise quizzes, case study sessions, class presentations, and weekly assignment submissions.

Students must be on their feet to be prepared for intensive and at times challenging readings that would equip them with the knowledge to effectively participate in class discussions that not only ensures a high “Class Participation” score but also, enables students to gain command over the subjects they study.