A day at IBA

Class Timings:

During morning, the class timings at IBA, Karachi start from 8.30 am, with each class prolonging for 75 minutes with a 15 minutes break and a 1 hour 45 minutes break time to facilitate the students in having counseling session with faculty members. Since, you might have some classes at the City Campus or Main Campus, IBA provides shuttle service between City Campus and Main Campus every two hours.

What to expect in a class?

A typical IBA class can be rigorous that has announced and surprise quizzes, case study sessions, class presentations, and weekly assignment submissions.

Students have to be on their feet to be prepared for intensive and at times challenging readings that would equip them with the knowledge to effectively participate in class discussions that assures a high Class Participation score but most importantly, it enables students to have full grasp over the given subject.