Costs and Financial Support

The costs vary from program to program. Some programs are fully sponsored by the host institution while some are partially sponsored. Other programs may need to be self-financed as well.

Financial Support:

IBA does provide financial support to deserving students who want to go for international exposure abroad. There is no set criteria for students who get financial support through IBA. However, there are a few general factors that determine the awarding of financial support to students by IBA:

  • Student's CGPA and general academic performance;
  • Student's extra-curriculars and the ability to manage them with their studies;
  • Whether the student is availing a scholarship or financial aid from IBA for studies;
  • Monthly/Annual Income of Parents;
  • Importance of the program and the impact it would have on the student.

Procedure of Getting Financial Support:

A Financial Assistance Form, which can be accessed through the ERP, need to be completed. The following documents need to be attached with the form when applying for financial support:

  • Acceptance letter/email of the program
  • Proof of Parents' Income
  • Bank Statement