Competition on Solidarity with Kashmiri People

Dear Students,

We are pleased to share that higher education commission (HEC) has announced a media competition among all the Pakistani universities on the Theme of solidarity with Kashmiri people by January 28, 2020. The purpose of this competition is to highlight a very important issue to engage the youth of Pakistan.

This can be done in number of ways. One way is to encourage students in the universities to develop media contents on the Kashmir issue. The participating students or faculty members may prepare and submit short film, documentary, song, poster, Monologues and reports on the given theme and can win prizes.
In case of any concerns you can
Theme: Solidarity with Kashmiri people

- Short film (duration could be minimum from 5mins-20mins)
- Documentary (duration could be minimum from 5mins-20mins)
- Song (Video song related to the theme)
- Poster Challenge (either hand-drawn or digital print)
- Monologues (Minimum 2mins-5mins based on facts and figures only)
- Report (Minimum 2mins-5mins based on facts and figures only)

Submission of Projects:

- Winning Prize: Rs. 100,000
- Runner-Up: Rs. 50,000 in each category
- Award Ceremony will be on: February 5, 2020, Pak-China Center Islamabad

Deadline: January 28, 2020