Brief on IBA Hostels

IBA Hostel Rules

Admission Rules

  • Only regular students of IBA are eligible for admission in the IBA hostel, however under specific circumstances (students of other institutions participating in IBA sponsored activities, semester exchange programs, participants of talent hunt program etc) may be allowed to stay at the hostel for short duration.
  • Students planning to stay at the hostel shall submit their application form in duplicate.
  • Students will be required to produce payment receipt from the accounts office before the allotment of room.
  • All applicants will be required to furnish written guarantee from their guardians regarding payment of hostel dues and observance of hostel rules by their wards.
  • Caution money will be refundable only after the declaration of final result.

General Rules

  • Residents shall be under the disciplinary control of the Warden/Superintendent.
  • They will be required to report back by 11.30 pm. Residents not abiding by this rule will face disciplinary action.
  • All residents are required to sign before leaving the hostel. They are also required to leave the address and telephone numbers of relatives/friends they plan to visit, overnight stay outside the hostel is not encouraged without prior written permission of parents/guardian.
  • At the time of joining residents will be required to submit a receipt of items given in their possession. They will be responsible for all such items. In case of loss or damage they will be required to pay the cost to hostel administration.
  • Residents are not allowed to change their rooms without prior permission of the warden.
  • Residents are not allowed to have guests staying overnight without prior written permission of superintendent or director. This can be allowed for a maximum period of seven days. In view of shortage of space this facility will not be available to residents this semester.
  • Residents should not disturb others by playing loud music, tape recorder, radio, TV etc
  • Political activities and social activities not sponsored by IBA will not be encouraged in the hostel.
  • Place do not give tips or make any other kind of payment to hostel staff.
  • Individual electric appliances (micro waves, refrigerators etc) are not allowed within the hostel without prior permission of superintendent. Residents using these items without written permission could be fined.
  • Residents are advised in their own interest not to keep expensive items ( jewelry, prize bonds etc) in their rooms.
  • Drugs and arms are strictly prohibited. Strict action will be taken in case of violation.
  • Residents expelled from the hostel shall not be admitted again or allowed to stay as guests.
  • Residents should leave within one week of declaration of their final exam result. Warden should be informed before departure.
  • Male visitors (father, real brothers) will be allowed to visit residents but no male visitor will be allowed to enter individual rooms.
  • All visitors should fill in their particulars in the visitor book. Residents are required to ensure that visitors complete this formality.
  • Residents are required not to enter into any conflict with the employees of the hostel. Complains (if any) against hostel staff should be reported to the warden.
  • Residents are not encouraged to take hostel crockery into their rooms. They should bring their mugs, glasses, plates etc to keep in their rooms.
  • No resident shall open the room of another resident without her permission.
  • Residents will be required to abide by the above mentioned rules and other rules that may be implemented in future. In view of shortage of space at present the number of students in each room may have to be increased. In this case the decision of the warden will be final.