BBA Program
BBA (Entrepreneurship)
BS-CS (Computer Science)
BS-Eco-Math (Economics & Mathematics)


img Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA Program)
IBA's BBA Program comprises four years of rigorous education enabling students to have a broad view of the world. The students go through an academic program that not only emphasizes the essentials of business subjects; it introduces them to the basic concepts of social sciences, liberal arts and foreign languages including French, Arabic and Chinese. The students are required to do a mandatory six week corporate internship and a six weeks Responsible Citizen Internship Program (RCI), which exposes them to the challenges of the social sector.

The learning methodology of the BBA Program includes Case Studies, Projects, Experiential Learning, Simulations, Business Games, International Exchange and Student Development Programs.

Existing International Student Exchange Programs include student exchanges with University of Idaho, Shawnee State University, American University, Missouri State University, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Chadron State University in Chadron-Nebraska, Montclair State University, and Eastern Washington State University (EWU) in Cheney-Washington and West Liberty University in West Liberty-West Virginia. IBA is continuously exploring more options in this area to provide greater exposure for the students.

Generous Scholarships are offered on Merit and Need Basis covering cost of tuition and accommodation.

Bachelors of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)
BBA (Entrepreneurship) is a 4-year degree program; the program has been developed in partnership with Babson College of Entrepreneurship in Boston, USA. The Entrepreneurship specialization develops students' abilities to formulate ideas, explore and create. It trains them to carry out in-depth analysis of disciplinary and inter disciplinary subjects, and enables them to get hands on experience in industry, by applying the knowledge and training to generate and sell their ideas in the real world, thus unleashing their potential and increasing their confidence, independence and creativity. The curriculum integrates core business courses, social science courses and entrepreneurship electives which will enable students to develop the necessary skills to became entrepreneurial in thinking and practice. The program consists of 148 credit hours, including 33 core courses and 13 entrepreneurship elective courses.

Bachelors of Science (BS Program) in Computer Science
The BS(CS) program is offered at both the campuses. It is a full-time four-year program, preparing students in Computer Science. This program consists of a minimum of 137 credit hours, comprising of a combination of core courses, supporting sciences, general education, computer science electives and general elective courses.

Bachelors of Science (Economics & Mathematics)
BS (Economics and Mathematics) is a 4-year degree program with double majors in economics and mathematics. It is designed to give students a solid foundation in both economics and mathematics. The program provides a well coordinated curriculum for students interested in pursuing masters or PhD in economics and mathematics. The program consists of 150 credit hours. Major disciplines of economics and mathematics have 54 credit hours each. The remaining 42 credits are for university core courses and courses from other disciplines like social sciences, management and accounting.

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