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Brief on IBA Hostels

1. The IBA (Main Campus) provides accommodation facilities for its students outside Karachi and from abroad. The cost of hostel accommodation is Rs. 31,500/-(for Spring & Summer Semester) & Rs.22500/- (for Fall Semester), with an additional Rs. 1000/-(refundable) for security deposit for new students.

2. The boys' and girls' hostels offer facilities of high-speed Internet, TV lounge, gym, and parking space (the last two for boys' hostel only).

3. Please note the following rules regarding admission and stay at the IBA Hostels:
    a. Only regular students of IBA are eligible for admissions in the IBA hostel. However, under exceptional cases, students of other programs may be permitted to stay in the hostel for a short duration with the approval of the relevant authority.

    b. Students taking up hostel residence shall submit an application and an admission form in duplicate, duly completed, along with three passport size photographs to the Hostel In-charge who is responsible for allotting rooms.

    c. Allotment of rooms shall be made after the candidates produce the payment receipt of the hostel charges from the designated bank.

    d. The applicants will need to furnish a written guarantee form completed by their guardians, holding them responsible for the payment of Hostel dues, in case of their wards failing to make the payment. A written guarantee shall also be provided by the resident and his/her guardian     regarding observance of all Hostel rules.

    e. Caution money is only refundable after the declaration of semester results and shall not be adjusted at the time of issue of clearance certificates.

    f. Students/boarders are required to deposit the security deposit as well as monthly charges for the entire semester in advance at the time of admission to the Hostel. The Hostel charges shall be determined by the IBA from time to time.

4. During stay at the IBA Hostel, residents are required to abide by hostel rules, failing which they may risk expulsion both from the Hostel and the IBA. Do note the following excerpts of hostel regulations:
    a. Residents shall be under the disciplinary control of the Superintendent.

    b. Residents shall sign a receipt of Hostel property in their rooms and shall be responsible for any loss or damage.

    c. Residents are not allowed to change their rooms of their own accord, or allow a guest to stay overnight with them. However, with prior permission in writing of the Superintendent/ Registrar, a guest could stay for a maximum period of seven days. A resident shall not avail himself     of this facility more than twice in a semester.

    d. Residents shall not be allowed to make any structural additions or alterations in their rooms, nor install/fix any electrical gadgets or fittings/fixtures anywhere in the Hostel without prior approval of the Superintendent/Registrar.

    e. Residents should not disturb fellow residents by playing music or any instruments at a high volume, or cause any other discomfort.

    f. Silent hour should be maintained strictly after 9:30 p.m. in the Hostel so that residents can devote time to studies.

    g. No societies shall be formed and no meetings shall be held within the premises of the Hostel.

    h. Residents are not allowed to give tips or make any other kind of payment to the sweepers, bearers, or other employees of the Hostel.

    i. Residents are not allowed to use electrical appliances, except a P.C., without prior permission of the Superintendent. When permission has been granted, they will be required to pay extra charges for the duration of use.

    j. Residents are advised in their own interest not to keep expensive articles or valuables in their rooms.

    k. Smoking is prohibited in air-conditioned areas: Common Rooms, Mess Halls, Game Rooms, Gym and any other public areas.

    l. Residents are prohibited from keeping any kinds of arms, ammunition or intoxicants in their possession. Non-observance of this rule shall be severely dealt with. Residents who are found in intoxicated condition may be expelled from the Hostel on 24 hours' notice.

    m. Residents committing serious offences such as violation of the rules and regulations of the Hostel, holding meetings or collection of subscription without prior approval of the Superintendent/Manager and non-payment of dues shall be subjected to disciplinary action, extending up      to expulsion from the Hostel/IBA depending upon the seriousness of the crime.

    n. Residents once expelled from the Hostel shall not be admitted again or allowed to stay in the Hostel.

    o. Residents should leave the Hostel within one week after the declaration of their last examination results and report their departure to the IBA Hostel Incharge.

    p. Residents shall be under obligation to conform to all the rules and regulations that may be enforced in the Hostel from time to time.

    q. All residents should be in the Hostel by 11:00 p.m. Residents wishing to stay outside the Hostel (from 10:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) may write the necessary particulars in the overnight register if they so desire.

    r. Female visitors shall be received only in the guest room and under no circumstances will female visitors be allowed to enter individual rooms.

    s. All residents should ensure that persons visiting them fill in the necessary particulars in the Visitors' Book.

    t. No private parties or functions can be arranged by individuals or groups without the prior permission of the Hostel Superintendent and Director.

    u. Residents are requested not to enter into any conflict with the employees of the Hostel. The complaints against the Hostel staff should be brought to the notice of the Hostel Incharge/Superintendent.

    v. No resident(s) shall be allowed to take any crockery into his/her room.

    w. No resident shall open the door of another resident's room without his/her permission.

    x. All cases of illness should be immediately reported to the IBA Hostel Incharge, who shall make necessary arrangements for medical help.

The IBA hopes your stay in the Hostel is comfortable and pleasant and facilitated by the services provided for your convenience.

IBA Girls Hostel Rules
Admission Rules

1. Only regular students of IBA are eligible for admission in the IBA hostel, however under specific circumstances (students of other institutions participating in IBA sponsored activities, participants of talent hunt program etc) may be allowed to stay at the hostel for short duration.

2. Students planning to stay at the hostel shall submit their application form in duplicate.

3. Students will be required to produce payment receipt from the accounts office before the allotment of room.

4. All applicants will be required to furnish written guarantee from their guardians regarding payment of hostel dues and observance of hostel rules by their wards.

5. Caution money will be refundable only after the declaration of final result.

General Rules
1. Residents shall be under the disciplinary control of the Warden/Superintendent.

2. They will be required to report back by 11.30 pm. Residents not abiding by this rule will face disciplinary action.

3. All residents are required to sign before leaving the hostel. They are also required to leave the address and telephone numbers of relatives/friends they plan to
visit, overnight stay outside the hostel is not encouraged without prior written permission of parents/guardian.

4. At the time of joining residents will be required to submit a receipt of items given in their possession. They will be responsible for all such items. In case of loss or damage they will be required to pay the cost to hostel administration.

5. Residents are not allowed to change their rooms without prior permission of the warden.

6. Residents are not allowed to have guests staying overnight without prior written permission of superintendent or director. This can be allowed for a maximum period of seven days. In view of shortage of space this facility will not be available to residents this semester.

7. Residents should not disturb others by playing loud music, tape recorder, radio, TV etc

8. Political activities and social activities not sponsored by IBA will not be encouraged in the hostel.

9. Place do not give tips or make any other kind of payment to hostel staff.

10. Individual electric appliances (micro waves, refrigerators etc) are not allowed within the hostel without prior permission of superintendent. Residents using these items without written permission could be fined.

11. Residents are advised in their own interest not to keep expensive items ( jewelry, prize bonds etc) in their rooms.

12. Drugs and arms are strictly prohibited. Strict action will be taken in case of violation.

13. Residents expelled from the hostel shall not be admitted again or allowed to stay as guests.

14. Residents should leave within one week of declaration of their final exam result. Warden should be informed before departure.

15. Male visitors (father, real brothers) will be allowed to visit residents but no male visitor will be allowed to enter individual rooms.

16. All visitors should fill in their particulars in the visitor book. Residents are required to ensure that visitors complete this formality.

17. Residents are required not to enter into any conflict with the employees of the hostel. Complains (if any) against hostel staff should be reported to the warden.

18. Residents are not encouraged to take hostel crockery into their rooms. They should bring their mugs, glasses, plates etc to keep in their rooms.

19. No resident shall open the room of another resident without her permission.

20. Residents will be required to abide by the above mentioned rules and other rules that may be implemented in future. In view of shortage of space at present the number of students in each room may have to be increased. In this case the decision of the warden will be final.