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Econothon'17 was postponed, the new date is 27th March 2017

Dear Students,

Econothon'17 was postponed due to security conditions. We are pleased to announce the new date, 27th March 2017, for Econothon'17.
All interested students are required to form a team of 3 members and email team details at internationaloffice@iba.edu.pk with names and pictures of participants latest by Friday,17th March 2017.

Please note:
1. The students will have to bear the travel expenses.
2. Econothon'17 will be a one day event for university students only. The schedule will be sent to you after the confirmation of the teams.
3. Accommodation will be provided to out stationed teams only.

The detail of each round at Econothon'17 is given below:
After each round the teams will face elimination based on their scores and performance.

1) Quiz:
This round is devised to test the knowledge of the candidates in key economics area; namely microeconomics, macroeconomics and Pakistan's own economy. Candidates will be expected to perform under a specific time constraint.

2) Pic to word:
Inspired from the thematic apperception test, this round shall be one of the most gruelling on candidates. Each team will be shown a picture, or an info-graph and will be expected to identify the underlying economic concepts and implication.

3) Brain-Pop:
Top eight teams will qualify for this round
Brain-Pop is a special round, created to specifically test the core economic concepts. Unlike the prior rounds, this succeeding round is designed to test the analytical skills of the candidate; their interpretation. Students will be given a problem to which they have to find a solution e.g. find a solution to the plethora of plastic jars and bottles that are discarded in trash bins every day.

4) Crisis Game: Semi Final
Top four teams will qualify for this round
Instead of having the teams partake in cliched analytical tests such as case studies, this round would focus more on role-play. The scenario would place each team under a sphere of an economic meltdown, such as the financial crisis of 2009, and will be expected to debate on it with respect to the role they have been given. This round shall be based on a parliamentarian format. (Debate style shall be revealed later; Asians, Worlds, or British Parliamentary)

5) Buzzer Round: Final Round
Top two teams will qualify for this round
This round will test the knowledge of candidates under the context of economics as a whole. Teams will face each other off in this pressure test, and will be expected to answer swiftly; failure to do so will result in points gained by the opposing team(s).

The winners will be given a trophy, certificates and a cash prize of Rs. 30,000/-