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The Institute of Business Administration, Karachi has two campuses spread over 72 acres of real estate. The years 2008 to 2016 have witnessed a major revamp of infrastructure and facilities at both the campuses, namely: the City Campus located in Saddar and the Main Campus located in the environs of the University of Karachi. Resultantly, apart from reconstruction of all 60's vintage buildings the period saw the maturing of 14 new Greenfield building projects initiated in 2009. These infrastructural development activities have given IBA premises a new look, with facilities comparable in size and splendor to any campus of a world-class institution. It has also enabled significant enhancement in joint capacity of both the campuses, from erstwhile 1800 to about 3900 students, and over hundred full time faculty members.

Enjoy a variety of different facilities in both our Main and City Campuses.



The IBA Libraries aspire to support teaching, learning and research at the institute by developing and promoting systems and resources essential for access to relevant information. The IBA Libraries strongly believe in offering innovative and customized information services and in acquiring resources to encourage synthetization of thoughts and transfer of knowledge. Libraries at both of the Campuses are regularly updated with latest learning materials like books, case-studies, online resources (e-books and e-journals). Around 4000 new titles, at average, are added every year to the library collections. Specialized information sources like research published by the educational institutions; National and International Research Organizations; and government agencies are also collected to facilitate indigenous research. Campus-wide and remote access to a very rich collection of multi-disciplinary digital databases in full-text, consisting of e-books; e-journals; case studies; and industry related research analysis reports, is the core of our offerings. Currently, the libraries subscribe to more than 24 electronic databases, which provide access to around 10000 e-journals and 1, 25,000 e-books.

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ICT Facilities

The Information and Communication Technology department provides ICT services to IBA Main and City campuses, Hostels and Staff Town, serving a total of around 3000 three thousand users on and off campus and a sizeable number of Alumni. The principal aim of the ICT department is to bring state of the Art Technology in to IBA, provide essential services and promote automation and meet the end users requirements of Internet, Email, Distance Learning (Video Conferencing), Unified Communications (VoIP) etc.

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Sports Facilities

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Students' Center

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Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)

Established in 2012 with funding received from the AMAN Foundation, the programs of the CED has been developed in partnership with Babson College of Entrepreneurship in Boston, USA. The bulk of the facilities at the CED are focused at developing students abilities to formulate ideas, explore and create. It trains them to carry out in-depth analysis of disciplinary and inter disciplinary subjects, and enables them to get hands on experience in industry, by applying the knowledge and training to generate and sell their ideas in the real world, thus unleashing their potential and increasing their confidence, independence and creativity which in time to come will nurture in them the necessary skills to become entrepreneurial in thinking and practice. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial spirit developed at the center may appeal and boost the capabilities of those who are exploring avenues to run businesses in a manner different to the market.

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Center for Business and Economics Research (CBER)

The CBER is a think tank that can be of assistance to business community, public policy makers, and the civil society. It is managed by a Research Committee (RC) consisting of the eminent researchers within the IBA and an Advisory Committee drawn mainly from the users of research. The CBER invites proposals for award of research grants, organizes research seminars workshops / conferences, solicits research ideas and funding from the industry and corporate sectors for core and contract research and establishes collaborative research projects with international and national institutions of repute.

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Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing

The ability to write effectively is one of the key markers of academic and professional success. Effective writing indicates clear thinking, the ability to assimilate and synthesize complex material, and an appreciation for nuance and differing points-of-view. Given that reading and writing are interdependent activities, good writing also indicates an ability to read complexly a necessary skill for students entering the increasingly competitive 21st century workplace. To this end a center for excellence in writing was inaugurated at IBA in November 2013. The writing center will help students improve their writing skills, it will also serve all faculty members by helping them design and sequence writing and research assignments, devise strategies for evaluating and responding to student writing, and develop effective techniques for working with multilingual students. The center has been dedicated to the memory of one of Pakistan's most-renowned columnists, social activists, and philanthropists, late Mr. Ardeshir Cowasjee.

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Center for Excellence in Journalism

The Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) is an initiative for the professional development, training and networking of Pakistani journalists and media professionals. The Center is a collaboration between the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, made possible through a grant from the U.S. Department of State The CEJ is based in the Aman Tower at IBAs City Campus in Karachi, in addition to classroom and office space, the CEJ area includes a working broadcast studio and state-of-the-art multimedia lab for the participants. The Center is closely linked with the Pakistani news media industry and offers 8 to 10 training modules a year in addition to online classes that are hosted on its website.

The Center offers two-week intensive training modules and so far three trainings have been carried out successfully. The first on Backpack/Mobile Multimedia Journalism took place in September 2014 and was conducted by Craig Duff, Professor of Journalism at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. In January 2015, CEJ held a second module on Business and Economic Reporting taught by an award-winning journalist, Susan Chandler, professor at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and local instructor, Khurram Husain, who is a veteran business journalist and assistant editor at Dawn newspaper.

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Center for Executive Education (CEE)

The Center for Executive Education was formed in 2004 to provide opportunities to executives working at different echelons in organizations to enhance their careers by gaining knowledge and insight into state-of-the art management techniques and technologies. Executive Education Programs consist of various training courses and workshops that are organized and conducted by the distinguished IBA faculty as well as leading Industry Professionals. .

The programs at CEE are designed for senior executives and high-potential managers from around the country. Intensive oneday to several day courses focused on a particular area of interest, are offered. Our portfolio of non-degree, executive education and management programs provide business professionals with a targeted and flexible means to advance their career development goals and position their organizations for future growth.

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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) is dedicated to facilitate on board students, graduating apprentices and alumni in the overall process of self-evaluation. The Center works towards creating awareness about career opportunities, conducting career assessment & guidance, assisting in career development & job search, increasing the employability of IBA graduating students, developing strong and tangible linkages between employers and IBA graduates, and supporting IBA alumni in their career progression.

CDC strives to achieve its mandate by organizing workshops on different career themes & career specific seminars, conducting career planning sessions, providing one-to-one guidance & advisory services to the IBA students, arranging individual career counseling sessions, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, publishing graduate directories, and facilitating our clients in internship and job search process. Moreover, the CDC assists students in identifying Internships, Apprenticeship, Externships and Job opportunities available within and outside of Pakistan. It also offers a wide range of career-related events to IBA students and alumni, and has partnered with employers from all sectors looking to recruit from our IBA community. CDCs main focus lies in building long term relationship with corporate, social and public sector organizations within Pakistan and also with international employers.

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