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University of Warwick and Lancaster University Session

October 10, 2018: Mr. Zeeshan Riaz, a representative of University of Warwick and Lancaster University, visited IBA Main Campus to assist our students in aligning their future plans to study abroad. He conducted a presentation and a one-to-one session to give complete guidance to our students, regarding the application, requirements and personal statement for University of Warwick and Lancaster University.

He started with students' testimonials to give our students a first-hand insight about their experience at the university and UK. The video also included captivating footage of the campus and its surrounding. Moreover, university professors and administration guide was included to assist the international students.

He proceeded the presentation with the program portfolio available at University of Warwick and also discussed the potential fields for research. Following this, he answered a number of questions related to the job market and placement at University of Warwick.

Moreover, he discussed the requirements, eligibility and minimum CGPA requirement of the universities. He suggested the students to take up GRE/GMAT for better scholarship opportunities. The presentation ended with his suggestions and recommendations for a better personal statement.

The presentation was followed by a one-to-one discussion session, where he addressed the queries of several students. He addressed to individual cases of the students and advised them, according to their academics, extra-curricular, interests and passions.