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US- Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PhD Scholarship Program

Dear students and faculty members,

We are pleased to share "US- Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PhD Scholarship Program".

HEC has announced Opportunities for Pakistani Scholars to pursue PhD studies in Top US Universities. Pakistani citizens/nationals with strong academic histories, committed to returning and serving Pakistan are eligible to apply.

The broad categories under which applicants are especially encouraged to apply are:
- Arts & Humanities
- Design & Media
- Water Resources & Energy
- Social Sciences
- Physical Sciences
- Business Sciences
- Agriculture & Food security
- Veterinary Sciences
- Engineering & Technology
- Emerging Technology,
- Nano-Technology
- Computers
- Medical & Allied Health Sciences
- Bio-Technology
- Telecommunications
- Human-made Materials
- Robotics
- Microelectronics

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

The link to application is http://www.hec.gov.pk/english/scholarshipsgrants/US-Pakcorridor/Pages/How-to-Apply.aspx

Please find the details below and feel free to contact us at internationaloffice@iba.edu.pk in case of any concern.

Kind regards,

US- Pakistan Knowledge Corridor PhD Scholarship Program

Eligibility Criteria
- Be Pakistani citizen/national/AJK nationals
- Have MS, MPhil or equivalent degree (18 years of formal education)
- Have a maximum age of 40 for regular faculty members and researchers of public sector universities/R&D organizations, subject to NOC issuance and for all others maximum age of 35 at the time of closing date of application submission
- Have an active written commitment to serve the universities/R&D organizations in Pakistan after the completion of studies

Steps to Register
- You will be required to create user ID by using your CNIC (without dashes) as User ID and select your password.
- Create an Account and fill the required information available on the screen.
- Click and obtain 'Mobile Code' on your provided mobile no. for further process. (Currently, MNC / Ported numbers are not supported)
- After receiving code on your mobile enter the code.
- Enter your email ID and click Send Code. You will receive a code on your provided email.
- Please enter a valid email ID.
- Perform code verification and click on submission.
- You will be registered successfully. Please check your email for further information.
- You will be required enter your created 'User ID' & 'Password' then 'Sign in' on HEC E-portal.
- Complete online profile section wise at http://eportal.hec.gov.pk
- Click 'Scholarships and Grants' on left 'Navigation' and then 'US-PAK Knowledge Corridor Application'.
- Now follow instructions, fill and submit the form successfully.

Academic Criteria
- The scholars who have already secured admission or enrolled in PhD program in QS ranked US universities (Overall Ranking), in the above fields may also apply for scholarship. Preference will be given to those applicants who have obtained tuition fee waivers from ranked US universities
- Have acquired the valid GRE/GMAT/GRE Subject & TOEFL scores required for admission in US universities. Under the new scoring system, minimum scores of 138 in the verbal and 136 in the quantitative sections are required. However higher scores will be required than the minimum threshold for admission in top QS ranked US universities
- Academic merit based on HEC-AEF calculator will also be applicable
- The percentage weightage is 30% GRE; 30% HEC-AEF; 40% Tuition fee waiver
- Have maximum 2 Second Divisions throughout the academic career
- Have no 3rd Division or grade D in his/her career
- Not less than 50% marks in academic career

List of Ranked US Universities: http://www.hec.gov.pk/english/scholarshipsgrants/US-Pakcorridor/Pages/Ranked-US-Universities.aspx

Link to Website for Further Information: http://www.hec.gov.pk/english/scholarshipsgrants/US-Pakcorridor/Pages/default.aspx