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The Prime Minister's ICT Internship Program

Dear students,

We are pleased to share with you the opportunity to participate in The Prime Minister's ICT Internship Program.

Pakistan Software Export Board in collaboration with the National ICT R&D Fund Company is offering opportunity of internship for the educated youth of Pakistan through Prime Ministers ICT Internship Program to enhance their employability. Students will apply for participation in the internship program through on-line portal at www.internship.pseb.org.pk/internship/ . CVs of the students will be shortlisted as per the eligibility criteria and ICT departments from public & private sector organization will be given access to the CVs of shortlisted candidates for selection as per their demands.

The deadline to apply is Monday, July 31, 2017.

Please find the details below and feel free to contact us at internationaloffice@iba.edu.pk , in case of any concern.


Kind regards,

Ayesha Isa
International Resource Center
Institute of Business Administration, Karachi
E-mail: internationaloffice@iba.edu.pk
Facebook:www.facebook.com/IBAKarachicity and www.facebook.com/IBAIRC
Website: www.iba.edu.pk and www.irc.iba.edu.pk

The Prime Minister's ICT Internship Program

The goal of the project is to give an opportunity to the graduates of the country and make them contributing members of the ICT industry & IT department of the public sector organizations. This will be accomplished through a 6 month internship at ICT companies & IT department of the public sector organizations.

Application Deadline: Monday, July 31, 2017

- Candidates having 16-18 years of education from the recognized universities/institutions.
- Must be the permanent resident of Pakistan as per NADRA record
- Graduated in 2013 or later
- Should not have a current job

Duration of Internship: Six Months

Choice of Place for Internship
Anywhere in Pakistan in following sectors.
- Software Houses
- Telecom Industry
- Automobile Industry
- Oil & Gas Sector
- Pharmaceutical
- Universities
- Cement Industry
- Sugar Mills
- Textile Industry
- Banking Industry
- Others

Rs 15,000/- per month upon submission of monthly progress and attendance reports to PSEB.

ICT Fields
Bachelors degree in ICT discipline (BCS, BE (Computer Information System), BE (Electronics), BS (Computer System Engineering), BS (Data processing), BS (Electronics), BS (Graphics), BS-IT, BS (Multimedia), BS (Networking and Information System), BS (Signal processing), BS (Software Engineering) BS (Telecom), MBA (IT), MBA (MIS), MCS, MS (Computer Science) MS (Information Security), MS (IT), MS (Networking), MS (Software Engineering), PGD or equivalent.

The interns will be awarded experience certificates on successful completion of internship by the host company.

Application Procedure
Apply online at http://internship.pseb.org.pk/internship/index.php/user/signup_v2/ .

Provincial Quota
While selection of the students for the internship program, provincial quota will be strictly observed. However, 30% quota is reserved for female ICT graduates and 2% quota for disabled candidates.

Link to Website: http://internship.pseb.org.pk/internship/