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"One Belt, One Road" Scholarship

Dear students,

We are pleased to share with you some scholarships under the One Belt, One Road initiative announced by Ministry of Education, China. These scholarships will fund 7,500 students to study abroad, as well as 10,000 international students to study in China.

These scholarships are offered by the Sichuan University for excellent overseas students. The subsidy duration is identical with the level, category and length of study of an overseas student.

Applicants should directly submit their applications to the university.

Please find the details of the scholarship below and feel free to contact us in case of any concern.

Best Regards,



Sichuan University

It is one of the key national universities directly under the State Ministry of Education (MOE). The Sichuan University was incorporated in April, 1994. Sichuan University is a first class comprehensive research university in Western China.


  • The applicants should have the fundamentals of English or Chinese language, and meet relevant language proficiency required by their majors.
  • Requirements on education background and age:
    • Any applicant for a bachelor's degree must have an education background of high school degree or equivalent education level, and his/her age shall not exceed 30 in principal;
    • Any applicant for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent education level;
    • Any applicant for a doctoral degree must have a master's degree or equivalent education level.
  • Excellent academic performance
  • Any applicant for a master's/ doctoral degree must have strong research abilities.

No need IELTS if your Program is in English, just you need to upload English proficiency certificate

Application Materials

  • Online application for International students: http://scu.17gz.org/member/login.do (register and apply for "the Belt and Road Initiative" Scholarship)
  • Notarized highest diploma
  • Academic transcripts
  • A Study Plan or Research Proposal written in Chinese or English (not less than 500 Chinese characters/words)
  • Two Reference letters
  • Copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (http://www.csc.edu.cn/laihua or http://www.campuschina.org)
  • Copy of HSK Score Report (if available)
  • Copy of passport

The application form for the Belt and Road Scholarship is attached for Sichuan University.

Important Dates

Any applicant for admission in spring must present the above mentioned application materials before December 15th of the previous year; while any applicant for admission in fall must submit his/her application materials in person to the SCU before June 15th of the current year.

Scholarship Coverage

Full scholarship. The full scholarship is provided for master's students and doctoral students, including the graduate students under joint cultivation. The scholarship covers registration fee, tuition fee, living allowance, accommodation allowance and comprehensive medical insurance premium.

Partial scholarship. The partial scholarship is provided for undergraduates and high level short-term trainees. And the awardees will be granted with a certain amount of subsidy.

Categories of Scholarship Students

  • High-level Short-term Trainee
  • Undergraduate
  • Master's Student
  • Doctoral Student
  • Graduate Student Under Joint Cultivation


All majors taught in Chinese and English for overseas students are opened for "The belt and road Initiative" Scholarship students. Meanwhile, in accordance with the needs of overseas students in China and the features of our university's subjects, new majors and courses are provided accordingly. For the information related to specific majors, please refer to the SCU's current Enrollment Catalogue for undergraduates, master's students, and doctoral students. The students can be enrolled in spring or fall of each year

Graduate Programs

Programs other than those taught in English from School of Business, School of Mathematics, School of History, Culture and Tourism, School of Architecture and Environment are all taught in Chinese, applicants have to pass HSK 5.

Post Graduate Programs

Programs other than those taught in English from School of History, Culture and Tourism, School of Architecture and Environment, School of West China College of Pre-clinical Medicine and Forensic Medicine are all taught in Chinese, applicants have to pass HSK 5.