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SAARC Internship Programme (SIP)

Dear students,

We are pleased to share the "SAARC Internship Programme (SIP)".

SAARC Internship Programme (SIP) aims at encouraging and facilitating research and studies concerning the regional association and its activities by offering internship at the SAARC Secretariat in Kathmandu, Nepal. Such internship may include, at the discretion of the Secretary-General, a period of attachment at any of the relevant SAARC Regional Center.

It is a year round internship opportunity where candidate needs to apply at least three months prior to the prospective internship period. It is a very competitive program with limited placements from the region.

Key details of the program are mentioned below. For further information, please refer to the document enclosed within the email. For the nomination and application, we shall facilitate you with the required support letters from IBA.

Please feel free to contact us at internationaloffice@iba.edu.pk in case of any concern.

Kind regards,


Under this program, the interested students or researchers will be placed at the SAARC Secretariat in Kathmandu for a period of two weeks to six months, depending on the need and nature of the projected research work and the requests so made by the prospective internees.

The agreed period of internship at the Secretariat may be adjusted during the course of actual placement through mutual consent.

Any extension sought during placements should not be for more than the period initially agreed upon.

Facilities Provided
As the host organization, the SAARC Secretariat may assign a study room to the internees during their placement with the Secretariat. Besides, the internees may be provided with basic facilities during placement such as a personal computer connected to Internet and a printer, and a local telephone. In case of more than one intern, these facilities may have to be shared.

Accommodation and Other Expenses
- Maintenance of the internees will be his/her responsibility. The Secretariat will not be responsible for living arrangements e.g. accommodation, food, transport etc., although assistance may be extended on request with logistic requirements
- SIP will not cover the cost of travel of the internees to and from the seat of the Secretariat where such a placement is envisaged nor will it include any stipend to be paid to the internees during their placement with the Secretariat
- Obtaining appropriate visa for travel to Nepal for the purpose of SIP will be internee's responsibility. Assistance in the form of recommendations may be extended and he/she will abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the host country

Eligibility Criteria
The SAARC Internship Program is open to under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate students from South Asia.

The SIP is also open to researchers of any nationality working in South Asian research institutes based within the region.

Application Process
Interested students and researchers will be required to fill in application forms in the prescribed format and submit the same to the SAARC Secretariat preferably three months before the date on which the placement is to begin. The application form is enclosed with the email.

Applications may be sent to the following postal address:
Information and Poverty Alleviation Division,
SAARC Secretariat,
PO Box 4222,
Kathmandu, NEPAL.

Applications by electronic means will be acceptable.

Application Documents
The application form seeks:
- A recent passport-sized photograph
- Personal and academic information about the applicants
- Details about the projects applicant is involved in
- Details about the applicant's affiliated institution
- For student internees, a parental consent form is needed as well
- Sponsorship Certificate needs to be submitted at the time of application
- Application has to be endorsed in original by the parent institutions (IBA - in case of IBA students/researchers) to which the students and researchers belong along with a letter of recommendation from institution
- At the time of application, the prospective internees will also be required to submit a statement of about 500 words indicating the intended purpose and the specific area of study and the time frame proposed

Program Completion
At the end of the placement program, the internees will be expected to make an oral presentation (15 to 30 minutes) during a function at the Secretariat (as at 1.10 above) on the outcome of the study carried out by them during their placement at the Secretariat.

Upon completion of the study project for which the internship was sought, the internees will be required to submit to the Secretariat two copies of their finished products for information and record of the Secretariat.