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Rhodes Scholarship 2018

Dear students,

We are pleased to share with you the "Rhodes Scholarship 2018". The Rhodes Scholarship is administered by the Rhodes Trust, Oxford, United Kingdom. Scholarships are awarded in 20 Rhodes constituencies (64 different countries) around the world.

Selection Committees for the Rhodes Scholarship are looking for outstanding leaders who are motivated to engage with global challenges, to 'esteem the performance of public duties as their highest aim', and to promote international understanding and peace. Selection Committees seek young women and men of outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service, and who demonstrate a strong propensity to emerge as 'leaders for the world's future'.

Application deadline is Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM (Pakistan time).

Interested applicants must have high academic standard to be eligible for admission to postgraduate study at the University of Oxford (but not in any event with a GPA below 3.7). Please see the requirements of the concerned program.

Please find further details below and feel free to contact internationaloffice@iba.edu.pk in case of any concern.

Kind regards,


Rhodes Scholarship 2018
Each year, there is one Scholarship available for Pakistan. The first Rhodes Scholar from Pakistan took up residence in Oxford in 1951, and since that time more than 70 citizens of Pakistan have been awarded this prestigious scholarship.

Application Deadline: August 15, 2017 at 11:59 PM (Pakistan time)

Eligibility criteria
- Nationality/citizenship:
Must be a citizen of Pakistan, holding a Pakistani passport. Candidates with dual citizenship may not apply to more than one of the Rhodes constituencies.

- Education/residency:
Must have undertaken formal study at an educational institution in Pakistan for a minimum of 4 of the last 10 years, and have either
    - completed a school or college leaving exam (12th standard, A‐level or equivalent) at a school or college in Pakistan, or
    - have received or would receive an undergraduate degree or mark‐sheet establishing eligibility to receive an undergraduate degree at a university in Pakistan.

- Age:
Must have reached 19th and not passed 25th birthday on 1 October 2018 (must have been born after 30 September 1993 and before 1 October 1999).

- Academic achievement:
Must have completed (or will have completed by the summer of 2018) an undergraduate degree from a college or university (normally a Bachelor's degree) to a sufficiently high standard to be admitted to postgraduate study at the University of Oxford (but not in any event with a GPA below 3.7). In this respect, please note carefully the requirements for your chosen course at Oxford.

Application Procedure
- Candidates may apply online at http://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk via the scholarships tab.
- You must submit your application online, with all supporting documents, by 23:59, local time, 15 August 2017.
- In preparation for making their application, all candidates should read carefully the general information for candidates on the Rhodes website, the Conditions of Tenure for the Rhodes Scholarship, the information in this document and the graduate admissions pages of the University of Oxford: www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate.
Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview. Applicant must be available to attend the interview, in person, as no accommodations can be made on date and time of interview. The Selection Committee will typically meet in Islamabad, on a date which will be notified to the candidates concerned. Travel expenses will be paid by the Rhodes Trust, and will cover the round trip cost of a First Class rail ticket, but excluding hotel expenses. International travel for those attending from overseas cannot be funded.
Candidates who do not receive further communication by December 1, 2017 should assume that their application has not been successful.

Documents and details to be submitted with application

You must submit a completed application form on‐line (please see 3a) with the documents and information detailed below. All documents must be submitted in English, or English translations provided. Please note that, if you are invited to interview, you will be asked to bring the originals of all documents with you:

- Your birth certificate confirming that you meet the age criterion;
- A copy of a valid NADRA issued CNIC or passport issued by the Government of Pakistan.
- An official transcript from the university at which you are studying, or have studied, showing grades achieved. All evidence must be formally certified by the Registrar, or other responsible officer, of the School, College or University.
- A copy of Matriculation Result Sheet (or equivalent i.e. Ordinary Levels Statement of Result), Higher Secondary School Result Sheet (or equivalent i.e. Advanced Levels Statement of Result), Undergraduate Result Sheet, formally certified by the School, College or University.
- A full curriculum vitae which should include details about prizes, scholarships, positions of leadership, involvement in student, voluntary, community or political activities and any cultural, musical or sporting accomplishments. This should not exceed two A4 (12pt) pages in length. f. A head‐and‐shoulder colour photograph (jpg format).
- A signed personal statement of no more than 1,000 words which:
   - Addresses your general interests and activities and what you plan to do with your life once you have completed your studies;
   - Discusses your aims and priorities and the contribution you have made and would like to make to your home country and the region;
   - Indicates the course of study and degree you wish to follow at Oxford.
   - Demonstrates that you are able to meet the requirements of the specific course you have chosen. Candidates are advised that it is a requirement of many post‐graduate courses to submit samples of written work. Some courses also require successful completion of the GRE or
     GMAT. Please read the Oxford graduate studies prospectus carefully: www.ox.ac.uk
   - If you wish to undertake a DPhil, you should provide a brief outline of your proposed research area, how it contributes to your future career plans and list one or more researchers under whom you would like to work in Oxford. Your personal statement must be clearly signed by you
     and must state under your signature that it is your own work and that no external help was given in its creation or editing.
- You will need to provide a list of four people (your referees), and maximum of four who are willing to submit references on your behalf
- Candidates should not include documents, certificates or testimonials other than those required.
- All applications must be submitted online. No alternate method of application is accepted.

Selection Procedure

- Selection for the Rhodes Scholarship is made without regard to financial means.
- If you have dual citizenship, you may apply to one constituency only.
- Selection for the Rhodes Scholarship is made without regard to marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social background, disability, caste or other irrelevant distinction.
- This Rhodes Scholarship round is for entry to Oxford in October 2018 and may not be deferred.
- Rhodes Scholarship is confirmed only upon successful admission to the University of Oxford.
- The decision of the Selection Committee is final

For further information please refer to the enclosed document or visit the following link https://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/scholarship/how-to-apply-for-a-rhodes-scholarship/?selectedRegion=6b1d20e6-f5c9-4eec-a9fc-58c3935da06d