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Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2017-2019

Dear Students,

We are pleased to inform you of Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2017-2019, which is committed to supporting areas such as economic development, education, healthcare, justice and the arts. This is a unique opportunity for talented individuals to combine a Master's degree from one of several Oxford University departments with their one-year MBA.

Key details of the opportunity are outlined below. Please contact us in case of any query or further assistance.

Best Regards,

International Resource Center

Website: http://irc.iba.edu.pk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IBAIRC/


Brief description:
The Oxford 1+1 MBA is a unique opportunity for talented individuals to combine a Master's degree from one of several Oxford University departments with one-year MBA. As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, this powerful combination allows each individual to gain deep knowledge and expertise in respective specialist fields, as well as developing a comprehensive understanding of business, exceptional leadership skills and practical experience.

As a 1+1 MBA student, the first year would be spent completing a Master in the chosen discipline before joining the MBA in your second year. As soon as the program starts students will become an integral part of Oxford Saïd's diverse community, developing strong relationships with current MBA students, international alumni, prominent academics, and expert practitioners. Full access will also be given to the career and professional development resources of the business school throughout the time in Oxford. .

Host Institution(s):
Said Business School, University of Oxford in United Kingdom
Level/Field(s) of study:
Oxford's 1+1 MBA Programme: Oxford University's one-year full-time MBA programme combined with one of the one-year Masters programmes offered by other University departments.

Number of Awards:
5 per year

Target group:
Open to all countries

Scholarship Detail:
The scholarship provides following funding which covers both the Master's degree and the MBA year:
- Tuition Fee,
- College fees
- Contribution towards living expenses

Selection Criteria:
Pershing Square Scholarships are awarded to individuals with the following attributes:
- Academic achievement
- Leadership potential, demonstrated through experience and motivation
- Strong personal character, integrity and commitment
- Intention to focus on addressing world-scale social challenges in your career, either in an existing organisation or through development of a new enterprise
- Ability to envision how to achieve scalable and sustainable solutions to these challenges
- Articulated vision on how the Oxford 1+1 MBA will allow you to fulfill your objectives.

Application Instructions:
Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2017-2019 is a Two Step process:

Step 1) Applying to the Oxford MBA:
Before you submit your application you can submit your CV for review by Oxford's Admissions Office. They will assess your profile and provide feedback on your suitability as a candidate, please complete the online profile assessment form and attach your CV. When applying for the MBA you should complete the online application form ensuring you select 1+1 MBA under the programme of interest.

Step 2) Applying to the partnering Master of your choice:
Each of the partnering Master's programmes has its own application deadlines and requirements. Deadlines are scheduled in November, January and March, but not all programmes accept applications for all three deadlines. More information on individual Masters' deadlines and application requirements are available on 1+1 partnering departments or on the University's Graduate Course listing.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA:
The MBA Admissions Committee considers a wide range of criteria, to apply to MBA they need to meet the following requirements:
- An undergraduate degree
- Relevant professional experience detailed in a 1-page CV
- GMAT or GRE score
- English test (if required)
- References
- Mandatory essays:
  How do you fit with Oxford Saïd's mission? (Maximum 500 words)
  Is there anything not covered in the application form which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you? (Maximum 250 words)
- A completed online application form

Eligibility Criteria for Masters:
Eligibility for every Masters program varies and has to be checked for each respective department.

Application Deadline: Deadlines for the 2017-19 class:
To be considered for the scholarship, you must apply to the 1+1 MBA by 17 March 2017. Please note that some partnering Masters close their applications in January 2017 and others in March 2017.
Stage 1: 09 September 2016
Stage 2: 28 October 2016
Stage 3: 06 January 2017
Stage 4: 17 March 2017
Stage 5: 05 May 2017
Stage 6: 09 June 2017

Official Scholarship Website: http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/programmes/degrees/1plus1/pershing-square-scholarship