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Information Session on US Universities- September 14, 2017

IBA Main Campus: Several representatives from US Universities including Tyson Manering (Director of International Recruitment and Operations Manager- Murray State University), Mary Parsons (Associate Director- International Students Affair Office- University of Missouri-Kansas City), Susantha Herath (Faculty in Information Systems Department- St. Cloud State University) and Syed Faraz Hussain (Representative- USEFP Pakistan) visited IBA Main Campus on September 14, 2017. The session contained presentations from these representatives who introduced their respective institutions to the students. They discussed the details of the international student body, infrastructure, sports and recreational activities, etc. After acquainting the audience with the institutional background the speakers also talked about the international scholarship opportunities that were relevant to Pakistani students.

The session concluded with the one-on-one counselling sessions of students with these representatives along with the USEFP member, who guided them regarding USEFP scholarships in particular.