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Information Session on DAAD Scholarships, German Institutions and other Scholarship Opportunities in Germany

October 12, 2018: We are pleased to announce that Ms. Inge Iqbal, Director DAAD Scholarships, visited IBA Karachi to conduct an information session on DAAD and other scholarship opportunities in Germany. She flew all the way from Germany to discuss education opportunities for students in Pakistan and discussed bachelor's, master's, doctoral and post-doctoral opportunities with the students and the faculty.

Her first session was with the students of IBA, where she talked about DAAD scholarship for Masters and Doctoral opportunities, followed by a question/answer session. The scholarship covers the living cost and other expenses, while the tuition fee has to be covered by the student. The prospective students also have to show a frozen bank account, to prove their financial stability. She further elaborated on the two type of PhDs: Individual PhD and Regular PhD. The individual PhD is only offered in Germany. Building on that, she also talked about the culture and lifestyle of Germany.

Her second session was an interactive session with the faculty of IBA, where she discussed the post-doctoral and doctoral opportunities in Germany.

We would like to thank our faculty members (Dr. Huma Baqai, Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Dr. Newal Osman, Dr. Rehan Malik, Dr. Abdul Haque Chung, Dr. Muhammad Moiz Khan, Dr. Saqib Sharif and Ms. Amana Raquib) for becoming a part of this session, where Ms. Igne Iqbal discussed the post-doctoral opportunities, different types of degrees and guidelines to avail a scholarship in Germany. Moreover, she also advised on the personal statements and research proposals for PhD admissions.

In order to get more information, please visit: www.daad.de