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RISE Worldwide - Invite German Students to IBA for Research in Summer 2017

We had an Information Session on Monday October 3rd, 2016 at IBA Main Campus about several scholarship opportunities for further studies and research for students. Mr. Amir Zahoor, Mr. Waqar Baig, and Mr. Noman were invited as guest speakers to create awareness about numerous scholarship opportunities across the globe.

Mr. Amir Zahoor explained the importance of applying for scholarships as it opens the gate for further studies free of cost, exchanges of ideas, world class studies, skill development, getting job abroad, and exchange of cultures. The key to achieve scholarships is to stay updated and well informed, be confident and organized, and have persistence throughout the application phase. Mr. Waqar enlightened students with many scholarships not only in US, UK, and other European countries, but also in Asia and Australia. Furthermore, he banished the myths associated with applying for scholarships, and enlightened students with the best way of preparing the application with emphasis on the prerequisites and documents required for the application process. Mr. Noman emphasized on the importance of updating the resume, identification of the interest in the research area, and best way to contact the professors abroad.

Overall the session was much fruitful and we look forward to arrange more information and counseling sessions for our students to stay updated with the opportunities.