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Global Marketing Competition 2016

Dear Students,

We are pleased to bring you information regarding the 21st world edition of the Global Marketing Competition. The Competition is an advanced computer simulation of a real life business environment. It is open to teams from across the world and it is free for all students to take part. Please find the details of the competition below. Thank you!

Best Regards,
IBA International Resource Centre


GMKC is a global marketing simulation competition at university level. Although marketing in nature, the game requires the players to take decisions in all the areas of managing a company, from production and logistics, through research, investment and finance to advertising, promotion and distribution.

About the Competition:
The competition is divided into 4 phases: the first 3 are on-line (initial phase-knockout; quarterfinals, semifinals) and last 2 months + a final on-site phase (grand final in Madrid), that lasts 1 intensive day. You can find out more about each phase here.

Eligibility Criteria:
- Students taking undergraduate and graduate courses;
- Students pursuing post-graduate programmes (Master or Doctorate)
- Graduates who have finished their studies within the previous 3 years and are unemployed.
- Professionals from any company, anywhere in the world

How to Participate:
1. Form a team of 2-3 people including you (there can be groups of students from different institutions/cities/countries);
2. Sign up online at http://www.esic.edu/gmkc/en_EN/sign-up
3. Start the competition!

1. All the teams that qualify for the final in Madrid will live a unique experience, defending their company's business plan before an international Tribunal of an academic and professional nature. In order to do this, they will receive:
2. A trip and 3-day stay with all expenses paid (Tickets+Accommodation with Breakfast + Grand Final) for all team members and the professor accompanying them.
3. And, in addition, £17.500 in cash to share among the 5 finalist teams.

- The winner of GMKC 2015 will receive 6000 Euros + a Specialised Master Course at ESIC Business & Marketing School for each of the team members;
- The second team in the classification will receive 4000 Euros;
- The third team classified will receive 3000 Euros;
- Special prize of 2.000 EUROS for the fourth team classified;
- Special prize of 1.500 EUROS for the fifth team classified.
- Diploma for all participants.

The closing date for entries is the May 11th, 2016.

For more information, please visit: http://www.esic.edu/gmkc