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IBA IRC conducted an information session on ERASMUS+ European Scholarships Programs

The IBA IRC conducted an information session on ERASMUS+ European Scholarships Programs on Friday 28th October, 2016. Mr. Ghulam Shabbir Babar, Country Representative of Erasmus in Pakistan and 2005-06 Erasmus Scholar, conducted the session. Mr. Babar is an Attorney at Law with his own Law firm in Karachi.

In this session Mr. Babar highlighted the different aspects that make up a quality application to a scholarship. He discussed the importance of improving upon the different aspects of the application in a progressive manner. He stressed on selecting a program that is not only most relevant to your interests, but also synchronizes with the applicant's previous degree and work experience. According to Mr. Babar 60% of the selection process depends upon the Statement of Purpose. The statement is an essay that provides candidates with the opportunity to market themselves as the most relevant choice who will able to make the most out of the scholarship/admission. He extended this point into recommendation letters by suggesting that applicants also approach their professors who are the most relevant to their particular program of choice and who are also the most easily searchable online. He ended this section of the presentation by listing down the details that universities ask individually and implored on the students to make sure they note all the smallest requirements in the online applications to avoid being disqualified on a technicality.

The second segment of the presentation Mr. Babar elaborated on the Erasmus+ program, its structure and available scholarship categories and criteria.Overall the session was much fruitful and we look forward to arrange more information and counseling sessions for our students to stay updated with the opportunities.