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Chinese Academy of Sciences - PIFI Program

Dear faculty members,

Please find below the details of "Chinese Academy of Sciences - PIFI program". Potential faculty from Pakistan may apply and compete on merit by availing prestigious international scholarship offered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences as under:
1. Postdoctoral Fellowship (1-2 Years)
2. Distinguished Fellowship (1-2 weeks)
3. Visiting Fellowship (2-9 months)

For further details, please visit the webpage:


The Chinese Academy of Sciences President's International Fellowship Initiative (CAS-PIFI)
The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), President's International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) is a specific funding program to attract talented foreigners to CAS for scientific exchanges and research cooperation.

It is open for following three categories:

1. Postdoctoral Fellowship
250,000 Yuan per year + Round trip ticket (1-2 Years)
Hold a PhD in natural or technological sciences.
Age less than 40 years
Recommended by a CAS host researcher.
Dedicated to the program and should not take other assignments.

2. Distinguished Fellowship (1-2 weeks)
Conduct a lecture tour in at least two CAS branches for 1-2 weeks expected to host CAS postdoctoral research at CAS expense at his or her lab for 1-3 months.
50,000 Yuan per week
Internationally recognized and
Have recommendation of CAS affiliated institute.

3. Visiting Fellowship (2-9 months)
(Yuan 40,000 for full professor, 30,000 for associate professor, 20,000 for assistant professor per month+ round trip ticket)
An assistant professor or above
Worked in well known university or research institute for at least 5 years.
Have a cooperative research proposal with a CAS host researcher and intention to come to China.

For further details visit