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Call for Research Paper - Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

Dear faculty members,

Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE - http://cse.gov.pk), Ministry of Planning Development and Reform aims to encourage research in the field of Social Entrepreneurship. CSE is presently accepting research papers, case studies, and research reports on following research themes:

- Social entrepreneurship and sustainable development
- Opportunities & challenges in social entrepreneurship
- Ecosystems of support for social entrepreneur
- Innovation for inclusive development
- Technological innovation to empower Pakistan
- Product design and business model
- Opportunities & challenges for women entrepreneurs
- Taking appropriate technology to the market: Stories of social enterprises
- Role of academic institutions in supporting social entrepreneurship
- Creative education: Fostering student creativity and innovation

CSE will invite the concerned faculty member at the Ministry of Planning Development and Reform to present the research.

Please note that the deadline to submit paper, case study or report is Thursday, January 31, 2019. Electronic submissions can be made at info.ecse@pc.gov.pk